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We have tremendous pride in our septic tank service and it shows.
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Our belief has always been that if you can't do a good job, you don't need to be doing it at all.  We strive for quality service and will give nothing less.

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These folks provide great service at a reasonable price . They explain everything prior to starting the work and provide you with information in the proper care & maintenance of your septic system. I would not hesitate in calling for future needs.
— Peter S. Willow Springs Customer
Excellent and prompt service. We recently went under contract on a home and needed to have the septic system inspected. After doing some price shopping, I found that Hardee's prices were the most competitive and were an actual septic servicing company, as opposed to a "licensed inspector" who only does it as a part time job on the weekends. Even with a full schedule they were able to get out and inspect the system as soon as possible and provided a thorough report of the inspection. I will highly recommend them to my friends and family and will certainly be a returning customer, when the system needs to be pumped.
— Nicholas C. Google Review
Service was thorough and professional. Tony was happy to explain what he was doing as he cleaned our tank and he readily identified things we could do to help our system operate more effectively. I highly recommend this company.
— Angie's List Reviewer
Great service. Will do business with them again. Thanks!
— Shujaa B. Google Review
This is a fantastic company I will use for the foreseeable future. Amazing people. I called on Tuesday, they were here on Friday. I am selling my house and needed the tank pumped and sanitary tee replaced. The man who did the job was just great to deal with. Definitely recommend Hardees.
— John L. Clayton Customer
This company is the best. I called them to tell them my problem and they graciously told me how to diagnose the problem over the phone. Found out it was a problem with the float. It caused him to lose a diagnosis job. I will use Hardees always.
— Llewelyn J. Google Reivew
They are very thorough and take their time to do the job right. I spoke with the owner to set up the appointment and I dealt with three of their employees (owner's son, son-in-law and their employee Tony). Everyone I interacted with were really nice guys who obviously take pride in doing their job well. Tony took the time to find the second entrance to my tank that I didn't know existed whereas he could have cut corners and just pumped one side. It was not easy to dig out, either, but he worked hard and did the job properly. He took time to explain the workings of the tank. They are a good example of how a business should treat their customers. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone needing septic service.
— Dale H. Google Review
Tony was awesome and very knowledgeable. Will be calling them again when I need them.
— Kimberlie S. Google Review